Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Control…Sure I’ve got it!

So 2011 has been crazy out of control with all kinds of surprises!
Once again God has tapped me on my shoulder to remind me that I am not the one in control…He is!    Probably the last five years of my life I have learned more about “control” than ever before, well I am still in the learning process.  It is not that I am a “control” fanatic but I do like to sorta, kinda, have an idea of what is gonna happen.  I am not a big fan of surprises.
PD- PD is not feeling well and it is so apparent: elevated blood pressure, headache, dizziness and swelling, pre - Preeclampsia per her obstetrician.  She does not complain but I can tell.  I worry.  I want to “control” the situation.  I want to not work and be available to take care of her and Hudson.  I want to “watch” over them to make sure that they are okay.  But in all reality that is not possible- so I PRAY 24-7 that God keeps his hand over her and Hudson and he protects them…got to give it to God!
Parent’s illness- both of my dear parents have been ill.  My daddy has been hospitalized two times within the last three weeks.  He has been so sick and it breaks my heart.  He has always been the strong one to take care of everything, especially for my mom and myself.  He has been our hero.  As I watched my daddy suffer with pain, something that my daddy just does not do because he is a true MAN, I wanted to “control” the pain, and once again something I could not do.  My mother was hospitalized during that same time period at a different hospital.  I could not get to her because I was with my daddy so my brother that lives near she and my dad took care of her (which he is wonderful and I am so thankful that he takes such good care of them).  But again, “control”, I could not be in two places at one time.  I wanted to be with my mom too!  Lucky for us we they were discharged from the hospital the same day and were back home, together, where they desperately wanted to be!  But again, I want to be able to take care of them but they live two plus hours away…”control”…got to give it to God!
Migraine Headaches – learning to deal with these crazy things has been mind boggling to say the least:  New meds, nerve blocks, blurred vision, twitching eyes, inability to think of words to complete a sentence, scary and embarrassing at times, again something I cannot “control”…got to give it to God!
Work- busy and I am very thankful, but if ever I need time off it is now.  Impossible! “Control”…take deep breaths!  Just want to throw my hands up in the air and forget that I have bills to pay…got to give it to God!
The hardest lesson I ever learned was when I went through my separation and divorce several years ago.  I just could not understand why I could not “control” the situation with my marriage.  I wanted to “control” what was happening or rather what was not happening.  I desperately wanted my marriage to mend and be made whole, but that was not the plan. 
Most importantly to me, I could not understand why God who had blessed my marriage could “un- bless” my marriage.    As I struggled with this question, and to be honest my anger, my dear mother reminded me daily that God had selected a different “path” for my life and that I may not know the direction but that I just had to trust that He knew what was best.
My life was crazy out of “control” and I could not grasp why!   There goes that “control” thing again…had to give it to God!
So here it is at 3:30am, I have had my talk with God and I am trying desperately again to resolve my “control” issues…….Giving it to God!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sock Monkey & Mr. Hoot "Whoo Whoo" Owl

So through the wonderful world of Facebook I have had the privilege of reconnecting with high schools friends, one sweet (and I mean genuinely sweet) friend is artistically talented.  Not only is she talented in photography, but she sews, knits, crochets and she and her husband are going to start raising goats!!!
Any WHOOO while chatting with her one day I noticed that she had posted some photos of her knitting projects and low and behold if she did not have a SOCK MONKEY HAT and a MR. HOOT OWL HAT

So of course Gigi has to order these for Hudson.  He will be the cutest thing ever strolling around in these...well not at the same time.  We will change them up every thirty minutes or!
She has a variety of items so check her out at:
 Also check out her photography at:


Thursday, March 3, 2011

So I received this blog award my friend Kimmie at and I have been challenged to list seven "facts" about myself so here you go.....

  1. I am one of five children- number four, only girl…. and yes I am a mommyand daddy’s girl and I am a forty plus year old woman…think what you want!
  2. I love, love and love  Jan Marini Skin care and if I could afford a vat of the Pure Vitamin C,  I would drench my body three times daily.
  3. The first concert I ever attended, in my ENTIRE life was only a few years ago, and I went with my grown daughters.
  4. My dream job is to own a Bed and Breakfast and have parties and weddings all the  time… to celebrate!
  5. I never wear socks…ever..well at least not with shoes.
  6. I want to move to the beach, sit by the ocean and soak up some rays….hence the need for #2!!!! One advantage of that “want” is that by the time I can afford to  move I will be so wrinkled that soaking up all those rays will not make a difference...YES! Sunshine does the soul good!
  7. I eat an apple every day…I don’t know why I am putting this on my list...RANDOM!!!  
I had to give this some thought, even more thought than normal...I am going to challenge a few of my blogger friends to list seven "RANDOM" facts about themselves....

Have funs girls and tell me something I don't already know about you!!!



Sunday, February 27, 2011

So the Princess came for a visit....

So every princess has a crown….

Even if she is a….. dog…..shhhhh…. she is unaware that she is not is not human.

NPD and hubby are celebrating hubby’s birthday in Asheville so Miss Bella Rose  and all of her “rowdy” friends spent Saturday evening with me.  WOW, they are one partying bunch! 
We shared an Extra Large Shot of this:

Lemon Berry of course and a gigantic portion of this....

Miss Bella LOVED the carrots.
Miss Bella and her rowdy friends kept me up until 9:00pm.  We settled in for the night.  Good thing that Bella is a good sleeper.  Her mama has taught her right!  Ask her if she is ready to go to bed and to the bed she goes and she stays there until around 6:45am.  She likes her own pillow, occasionally growls at you if you accidentally “touch” her, but other than that she is the perfect "overnight" guest. 
So this morning she wanted to say “Hello” to her mommy and daddy so this is how we did it:

 Okay, I know that she does not look very happy but she was very HAPPY after the photo session....I gave her THREE treats for doing such a great job!
The sweet, precious princess is now patiently awaiting for her "carriage" to arrive and take her home...


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pee Wee or Not…

So let me preface with saying that although I have four brothers, three older and one younger and five nephews…I know nothing about boys!  I do not remember changing any diapers for my younger brother, nor any for my nephews (which I am sure I did).  
Well NPD and I have been hearing “stories” about when you change a baby boy’s diaper he may “tinkle” in your face.  Well NPD and I are not amused.  I do remember “back in the day” (yes I am not a modern mother, but I am a modern Gigi) women talking about “covering” a baby boy when changing his diaper to prevent this from happening,  but to be honest I had really not thought much about it….until I was in ETSYVILLE

while there I found the cutest thing EVER.....

I ordered...

It arrived...

YES, YES, and YES!!!!!!

The inventor of this item is a genius!  These are made with really soft cotton, washable and are really cute!  The set I ordered look like this….

But they have all types of designs to  choose from: 
Enclosed was the cute little note:

I only ordered one set, just to check them out, but next week I will be ordering more.  We will have enough “Pee Wee Tinkle Tents” that Hudson will not have a chance to “tinkle” in any of our faces (well at least enough for us girls) HA!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Finds, Migraine and Loopy Mind

This is kinda of interesting if you have seen the story this week about the TV reporter that was reporting live and had a "Complex Migraine"  well I can relate!   I had the worst headache EVER, thought my head was going to E-X-P-L-O-D-E about three weeks ago, went to urgent care, had to be taken to ER by ambulance and was diagnosed with Complex Migraine.  So with that being said, I have been dealing with a migraine for about two weeks (not the headache part, just vascular ?!?!) according to neurologist. 

Interesting that the reporter hasn't been able to work and I still have been driving to Mooresville everyday, can't even remember if I have stopped at traffic lights, if I have fed my dogs, locked my doors, etc.  CRAZY is what I have been.  Just goes to show....I an not in the right profession!

Last Friday was one of those days, oh my! Friday I woke up with  the slight "headache" part of the "migraine". I had a few errands to run in Hickory, got my list (never had to do this before) so prior to departing, I took my "migraine" med....which  makes me a little "loopy" and I am not a "loopy" person.  Not only was I "loopy" but PD was sick with the flu and I could not find my debit card anywhere. 

I went to the extreme of "dumping" my entire handbag in the middle of the floor looking for that debit card. I search EVERYWHERE....  CANNOT locate.... not in my wallet in the little slot that it is suppose to be, not in the car, not on my desk.  Now remember I have been taking other "loopy" med for two weeks plus this particular morning I took a "headache" pill.  So I call the bank and cancel my debit card.  I have no idea where it could be! 

So PD had called earlier  asking if I could pick up a Rx for her before I ran my errands.  Of course...I love my children and would die for them.  So,  before I leave I call PD and she said Rx is not ready and her hubby will get it.  So off to Hickory I go.  Get two errands completed PD calls around 11'ish asking if I would get her Rx,  pharmacy has just called and it is  ready.  I said sure I would be home shortly.  Well I have not completed everything on my "list" prior to returning to Ltown.  I never looked at the time...remember I am on MEDS.  So I continue with my list that includes checking out something specific for NPD that involves Hudson. 

Just happen that there is this particular store or should I say stores that I have been wanting to check out it just  happen to be right down the street.

So these were my Friday Find's"!/usehickory

where I found this fab watch

and this wonderful wine

Well PD called and seemed to be upset that I had not made it back to Ltown ...yet.  I check the time 12:30 so I tell her I am on my way and can I bring her something for lunch....NOT...PD is not happy with her mommy.  I know...I am sorry PD...I had gotten carried way with taking care of some things for Hudson, found this store and time just slipped up on me!  I promise to be a better Mother!

So anyway I get home and have a message regarding a charge on my debit card that will not clear....and  that particular charge is a surprise that NPD has had planned for her  hubby for months....YIKES....NPD is gonna be upset with me too!!!!!  Oh my, I forgot that my debit card was going to be charged...what was I going to do.  So once again.  I go back to my hand bag, take out my wallet, open it up....and guess what....DEBIT CARD....right where it is suppose to that dang little slot!!!!!  Call the bank, ask then to cancel the the "lost" on my debit card...well not sure if they  can.  Well lucky for me within an hour they had it reversed.  Returned the call to the "surprise" for NPD's hubby and explained situation and she politely replied... I'll just run the charge tomorrow am!  Good to go!

So next I call NPD and I told her all about my day.  Now I am sure that after spending the entire day with 4th graders the last thing she wanted to hear was a forty-something- year- old woman whine about her CRAZY day, but she listend...patiently.  Called PD, to see how she is feeling and she seems to be a little happier with me............  Friday....what a day, oh my!

Friday, February 4, 2011


SweetCakes   so...if you have never visited this delish bakery in should! 

I accidentally found them a few weeks back during one of my “find" excursions and I must say this was the “FIND" of the day.  So I made another quick stop yesterday.  

So, I selected one dozen cupcakes.  NOW…I know you are thinking…is she really going eat one dozen cupcakes….well look at the box...

NOT!!!   I shared with NPD & PD (hubby's too). 

Flavors of the day include…L-E-M-O-N (lemon creme die for!!!) my FAVORITE

and of course NPD and PD’S favorite: Strawberry (which they insist tastes like Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream)

Also included in the assortment is almond (another favorite for NPD and myself).  NPD selected to take the almond cupcake to “judge” so we would know if that should be included in the next dozen….so I’ll keep you posted on the results! 

If NPD does not “judge” soon I am going to  “judge” it for myself! 

As for now....I am off to devour my delish LEMON cupcake! 

Monday, January 31, 2011


So, PD has requested a "baby wreath" to place on the front door when baby Hudson arrives.  So I immediately search the wonderful world of and found the cutest wreath ever and of course it is no longer available (emailed and begged).  So I think to myself...Gigi... you can create this wreath (HA!).  So my journey begins.  Off to Hobby Lobby in Gastonia, N. C. to buy supplies: wire wreath, various assortment of ribbon and some good sharp scissors!

As I gather the items, with a little help from my friend (who happens to be male) I explain the concept to him and he offers to help me select the ribbon.  I have to give him many men would do this?  So guess what his first selection of ribbon was....camouflage. 

After telling my friend the color palette this is the ribbon he selected:

One thing you should know about my friend is that he is color blind... so...color palette… YES… still a little on the camouflage side but I think he did an outstanding job!

So I  purchase all of the "chosen" (lots of thought was involved)  ribbon. I return home to start my new "craft project".  

So here is his "chosen" ribbon entwined with all the other "chosen" ribbon...

I not quite sure how this is going to look but this is where I am at today... this speed it will take me from now until May to get this thing completed.  As you see I have no idea what I am doing..I am adding ribbon here..and there...and here...and there.  I should have just cut the ribbon, attached the ribbon around each circle and been done....not me...gotta do it the hard way.

This is one of my projects that I have or will be working on for my "little man" and this Gigi is so, so EXCITED!!!   


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overnight guest - "The names I am called"....

PD had planned an overnight getaway for herself and hubby.  They started their “indulgence” day at Rock Barn Spa and then headed to downtown Asheville and were staying at Hotel Indigo ASHEVILLE   …so I had the privilege of an overnight guest…Cooper Lee!
It had been explained to Cooper that he would be spending the night with “Miss Jan” that’s how he refers to me!  So here is Coop’s overnight bag filled with his bed (down comforter) and dog food with measuring cup (HA!).  Coop was told by the Vet that he needed to drop a few pounds so PD has him on a diet. I was given strict instructions as to how much food he could have.  OKAY!
So after getting Coop settled, he and I spent Saturday lounging the day away.   I decided to make a quick run to Wal-Mart (prefer Target- but that would have taken a total of 30 minutes of drive time) so off to Wal-Mart I go for a few necessary items: Oil of Olay soap, Quattro razors and of course Waggin Train dog treats!

Well $65 later this is what I arrived home with:
So Coop’s bed is ready for him to snuggle in:

So off to bed I go…and guess which bed Coop selected for sleeping

So we get up early because Coop needed “go out”. So I got my coffee & breakfast, and turn around to see this…lucky my camera was handy…because this is priceless!

So much for a diet for Cooper or myself! 

So the remainder of the day will be spent lounging again…just me and Coop!  

Just in case you are wondering what type of cookies…here you go

Bella Rose (NPD’s baby) will be staying with me in a few weeks while her mommy and daddy enjoy an overnight adventure.  Now Bella is a princess...
She likes for her “granny” to whisper secrets in her ears, snuggle and when you say “ready for bed” she is in the bed in a second.  She likes to sleep more than me.  So another "lounging” weekend is on my schedule...whooohoo!
So recently I told PD and NPD that we needed to get this name thing straight.  I have Bella who refers to me as “Granny”, Cooper ... “Miss Jan” and I have already introduced  myself  (via PD’s tummy) to sweet Hudson as “Gigi”. 
So starting today all “grands” will refer to me as “Gigi”!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

SHOCK!!!! I have spent the last two hours trying to figure this blogging thing out and may I say it has been a journey in its own right! 

The purpose of this "blogging" is to journal my experience as I become a Gigi (notice I do not use the word grandmother, granny, maw-maw, or any of those names).  I am excited about becoming a Gigi, just can't handle those other "names"!  For future reference (or at least until after baby is born) I will refer to my daughters as "Prego daughter - PD" and "Not Prego daughter- NPD". 

Anyway, so this is how the journey began....

Title:  SHOCK! 
Setting:  Restaurant- downtown
Characters:  PD & hubby, NPD & hubby and myself

Several months back I was having dinner with my daughters and sons-in-love, now keep in mind no words or phrases such as;  baby, thinking about having a baby, planning to get pregnant or pregnancy had been mentioned to me, the soon to be “Gigi” nor to NPD.

So, we are all ordering our dinner and the waitperson gets to PD’s hubby he says “"I think I will have the peperoni calzone"   PD said "and we are about five or so weeks pregnant.”   SHOCK!!!!  So the mother that I am, which maybe is sometimes a little “frank” says “So what’s the punch line?”  NPD and husband chime in “yes, what’s the punch line”?  

Well, PD did not find that amusing so after the question & answer session we did a redo:
PD “so we are about five weeks pregnant”, NPD& husband and the now “Gigi”… Wooohoooo!!!!!! (with arms flying up in the air)!!!  Well, needless to say that did not “fix” the damage we had done…so sorry PD I will do better next go round!   

But of course we are all excited and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new “little man”.  We are busy planning, decorating and buying for this baby boy and he is going to be SPOILED ROTTEN!!!!

Funny thing is that my mother was not an “excited” granny (that’s the name my first nephew and niece selected) when I told her I was pregnant …both times… I always said that when my daughters shared their “we are expecting” news I would jump up and down…needless to say that is not quite the way it happened.  Again, so sorry PD I promise I will do better next go round…promise, promise, promise!

So….daughters, do not SHOCK your mother with baby news.  Throw a few hints. Surprises are good but we SHOULD have a little clue that we are going to be a “Gigi”, and just for the record I am very close to my daughters…so it’s not like I am one of those mothers that has no clue as to what’s happening in their child’s life…well until this particular incident.  Give mother a little time to adjust because her baby is going to have a baby and mama needs a little time to take it all in!!!! 

So, please follow me on my journey to becoming a “Gigi”