Saturday, January 29, 2011

SHOCK!!!! I have spent the last two hours trying to figure this blogging thing out and may I say it has been a journey in its own right! 

The purpose of this "blogging" is to journal my experience as I become a Gigi (notice I do not use the word grandmother, granny, maw-maw, or any of those names).  I am excited about becoming a Gigi, just can't handle those other "names"!  For future reference (or at least until after baby is born) I will refer to my daughters as "Prego daughter - PD" and "Not Prego daughter- NPD". 

Anyway, so this is how the journey began....

Title:  SHOCK! 
Setting:  Restaurant- downtown
Characters:  PD & hubby, NPD & hubby and myself

Several months back I was having dinner with my daughters and sons-in-love, now keep in mind no words or phrases such as;  baby, thinking about having a baby, planning to get pregnant or pregnancy had been mentioned to me, the soon to be “Gigi” nor to NPD.

So, we are all ordering our dinner and the waitperson gets to PD’s hubby he says “"I think I will have the peperoni calzone"   PD said "and we are about five or so weeks pregnant.”   SHOCK!!!!  So the mother that I am, which maybe is sometimes a little “frank” says “So what’s the punch line?”  NPD and husband chime in “yes, what’s the punch line”?  

Well, PD did not find that amusing so after the question & answer session we did a redo:
PD “so we are about five weeks pregnant”, NPD& husband and the now “Gigi”… Wooohoooo!!!!!! (with arms flying up in the air)!!!  Well, needless to say that did not “fix” the damage we had done…so sorry PD I will do better next go round!   

But of course we are all excited and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new “little man”.  We are busy planning, decorating and buying for this baby boy and he is going to be SPOILED ROTTEN!!!!

Funny thing is that my mother was not an “excited” granny (that’s the name my first nephew and niece selected) when I told her I was pregnant …both times… I always said that when my daughters shared their “we are expecting” news I would jump up and down…needless to say that is not quite the way it happened.  Again, so sorry PD I promise I will do better next go round…promise, promise, promise!

So….daughters, do not SHOCK your mother with baby news.  Throw a few hints. Surprises are good but we SHOULD have a little clue that we are going to be a “Gigi”, and just for the record I am very close to my daughters…so it’s not like I am one of those mothers that has no clue as to what’s happening in their child’s life…well until this particular incident.  Give mother a little time to adjust because her baby is going to have a baby and mama needs a little time to take it all in!!!! 

So, please follow me on my journey to becoming a “Gigi”  


  1. Yay!!! I'm so excited you have started your blog!!! I love it already!!

  2. You are a much better blogger than me! and I love this story...perhaps I was not quite as shocked as you, but it was still a surprise!