Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pee Wee or Not…

So let me preface with saying that although I have four brothers, three older and one younger and five nephews…I know nothing about boys!  I do not remember changing any diapers for my younger brother, nor any for my nephews (which I am sure I did).  
Well NPD and I have been hearing “stories” about when you change a baby boy’s diaper he may “tinkle” in your face.  Well NPD and I are not amused.  I do remember “back in the day” (yes I am not a modern mother, but I am a modern Gigi) women talking about “covering” a baby boy when changing his diaper to prevent this from happening,  but to be honest I had really not thought much about it….until I was in ETSYVILLE

while there I found the cutest thing EVER.....

I ordered...

It arrived...

YES, YES, and YES!!!!!!

The inventor of this item is a genius!  These are made with really soft cotton, washable and are really cute!  The set I ordered look like this….

But they have all types of designs to  choose from: 
Enclosed was the cute little note:

I only ordered one set, just to check them out, but next week I will be ordering more.  We will have enough “Pee Wee Tinkle Tents” that Hudson will not have a chance to “tinkle” in any of our faces (well at least enough for us girls) HA!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Finds, Migraine and Loopy Mind

This is kinda of interesting if you have seen the story this week about the TV reporter that was reporting live and had a "Complex Migraine"  well I can relate!   I had the worst headache EVER, thought my head was going to E-X-P-L-O-D-E about three weeks ago, went to urgent care, had to be taken to ER by ambulance and was diagnosed with Complex Migraine.  So with that being said, I have been dealing with a migraine for about two weeks (not the headache part, just vascular ?!?!) according to neurologist. 

Interesting that the reporter hasn't been able to work and I still have been driving to Mooresville everyday, can't even remember if I have stopped at traffic lights, if I have fed my dogs, locked my doors, etc.  CRAZY is what I have been.  Just goes to show....I an not in the right profession!

Last Friday was one of those days, oh my! Friday I woke up with  the slight "headache" part of the "migraine". I had a few errands to run in Hickory, got my list (never had to do this before) so prior to departing, I took my "migraine" med....which  makes me a little "loopy" and I am not a "loopy" person.  Not only was I "loopy" but PD was sick with the flu and I could not find my debit card anywhere. 

I went to the extreme of "dumping" my entire handbag in the middle of the floor looking for that debit card. I search EVERYWHERE....  CANNOT locate.... not in my wallet in the little slot that it is suppose to be, not in the car, not on my desk.  Now remember I have been taking other "loopy" med for two weeks plus this particular morning I took a "headache" pill.  So I call the bank and cancel my debit card.  I have no idea where it could be! 

So PD had called earlier  asking if I could pick up a Rx for her before I ran my errands.  Of course...I love my children and would die for them.  So,  before I leave I call PD and she said Rx is not ready and her hubby will get it.  So off to Hickory I go.  Get two errands completed PD calls around 11'ish asking if I would get her Rx,  pharmacy has just called and it is  ready.  I said sure I would be home shortly.  Well I have not completed everything on my "list" prior to returning to Ltown.  I never looked at the time...remember I am on MEDS.  So I continue with my list that includes checking out something specific for NPD that involves Hudson. 

Just happen that there is this particular store or should I say stores that I have been wanting to check out it just  happen to be right down the street.

So these were my Friday Find's"!/usehickory

where I found this fab watch

and this wonderful wine

Well PD called and seemed to be upset that I had not made it back to Ltown ...yet.  I check the time 12:30 so I tell her I am on my way and can I bring her something for lunch....NOT...PD is not happy with her mommy.  I know...I am sorry PD...I had gotten carried way with taking care of some things for Hudson, found this store and time just slipped up on me!  I promise to be a better Mother!

So anyway I get home and have a message regarding a charge on my debit card that will not clear....and  that particular charge is a surprise that NPD has had planned for her  hubby for months....YIKES....NPD is gonna be upset with me too!!!!!  Oh my, I forgot that my debit card was going to be charged...what was I going to do.  So once again.  I go back to my hand bag, take out my wallet, open it up....and guess what....DEBIT CARD....right where it is suppose to that dang little slot!!!!!  Call the bank, ask then to cancel the the "lost" on my debit card...well not sure if they  can.  Well lucky for me within an hour they had it reversed.  Returned the call to the "surprise" for NPD's hubby and explained situation and she politely replied... I'll just run the charge tomorrow am!  Good to go!

So next I call NPD and I told her all about my day.  Now I am sure that after spending the entire day with 4th graders the last thing she wanted to hear was a forty-something- year- old woman whine about her CRAZY day, but she listend...patiently.  Called PD, to see how she is feeling and she seems to be a little happier with me............  Friday....what a day, oh my!