Friday, February 4, 2011


SweetCakes   so...if you have never visited this delish bakery in should! 

I accidentally found them a few weeks back during one of my “find" excursions and I must say this was the “FIND" of the day.  So I made another quick stop yesterday.  

So, I selected one dozen cupcakes.  NOW…I know you are thinking…is she really going eat one dozen cupcakes….well look at the box...

NOT!!!   I shared with NPD & PD (hubby's too). 

Flavors of the day include…L-E-M-O-N (lemon creme die for!!!) my FAVORITE

and of course NPD and PD’S favorite: Strawberry (which they insist tastes like Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream)

Also included in the assortment is almond (another favorite for NPD and myself).  NPD selected to take the almond cupcake to “judge” so we would know if that should be included in the next dozen….so I’ll keep you posted on the results! 

If NPD does not “judge” soon I am going to  “judge” it for myself! 

As for now....I am off to devour my delish LEMON cupcake! 

Monday, January 31, 2011


So, PD has requested a "baby wreath" to place on the front door when baby Hudson arrives.  So I immediately search the wonderful world of and found the cutest wreath ever and of course it is no longer available (emailed and begged).  So I think to myself...Gigi... you can create this wreath (HA!).  So my journey begins.  Off to Hobby Lobby in Gastonia, N. C. to buy supplies: wire wreath, various assortment of ribbon and some good sharp scissors!

As I gather the items, with a little help from my friend (who happens to be male) I explain the concept to him and he offers to help me select the ribbon.  I have to give him many men would do this?  So guess what his first selection of ribbon was....camouflage. 

After telling my friend the color palette this is the ribbon he selected:

One thing you should know about my friend is that he is color blind... so...color palette… YES… still a little on the camouflage side but I think he did an outstanding job!

So I  purchase all of the "chosen" (lots of thought was involved)  ribbon. I return home to start my new "craft project".  

So here is his "chosen" ribbon entwined with all the other "chosen" ribbon...

I not quite sure how this is going to look but this is where I am at today... this speed it will take me from now until May to get this thing completed.  As you see I have no idea what I am doing..I am adding ribbon here..and there...and here...and there.  I should have just cut the ribbon, attached the ribbon around each circle and been done....not me...gotta do it the hard way.

This is one of my projects that I have or will be working on for my "little man" and this Gigi is so, so EXCITED!!!   


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overnight guest - "The names I am called"....

PD had planned an overnight getaway for herself and hubby.  They started their “indulgence” day at Rock Barn Spa and then headed to downtown Asheville and were staying at Hotel Indigo ASHEVILLE   …so I had the privilege of an overnight guest…Cooper Lee!
It had been explained to Cooper that he would be spending the night with “Miss Jan” that’s how he refers to me!  So here is Coop’s overnight bag filled with his bed (down comforter) and dog food with measuring cup (HA!).  Coop was told by the Vet that he needed to drop a few pounds so PD has him on a diet. I was given strict instructions as to how much food he could have.  OKAY!
So after getting Coop settled, he and I spent Saturday lounging the day away.   I decided to make a quick run to Wal-Mart (prefer Target- but that would have taken a total of 30 minutes of drive time) so off to Wal-Mart I go for a few necessary items: Oil of Olay soap, Quattro razors and of course Waggin Train dog treats!

Well $65 later this is what I arrived home with:
So Coop’s bed is ready for him to snuggle in:

So off to bed I go…and guess which bed Coop selected for sleeping

So we get up early because Coop needed “go out”. So I got my coffee & breakfast, and turn around to see this…lucky my camera was handy…because this is priceless!

So much for a diet for Cooper or myself! 

So the remainder of the day will be spent lounging again…just me and Coop!  

Just in case you are wondering what type of cookies…here you go

Bella Rose (NPD’s baby) will be staying with me in a few weeks while her mommy and daddy enjoy an overnight adventure.  Now Bella is a princess...
She likes for her “granny” to whisper secrets in her ears, snuggle and when you say “ready for bed” she is in the bed in a second.  She likes to sleep more than me.  So another "lounging” weekend is on my schedule...whooohoo!
So recently I told PD and NPD that we needed to get this name thing straight.  I have Bella who refers to me as “Granny”, Cooper ... “Miss Jan” and I have already introduced  myself  (via PD’s tummy) to sweet Hudson as “Gigi”. 
So starting today all “grands” will refer to me as “Gigi”!