Sunday, February 27, 2011

So the Princess came for a visit....

So every princess has a crown….

Even if she is a….. dog…..shhhhh…. she is unaware that she is not is not human.

NPD and hubby are celebrating hubby’s birthday in Asheville so Miss Bella Rose  and all of her “rowdy” friends spent Saturday evening with me.  WOW, they are one partying bunch! 
We shared an Extra Large Shot of this:

Lemon Berry of course and a gigantic portion of this....

Miss Bella LOVED the carrots.
Miss Bella and her rowdy friends kept me up until 9:00pm.  We settled in for the night.  Good thing that Bella is a good sleeper.  Her mama has taught her right!  Ask her if she is ready to go to bed and to the bed she goes and she stays there until around 6:45am.  She likes her own pillow, occasionally growls at you if you accidentally “touch” her, but other than that she is the perfect "overnight" guest. 
So this morning she wanted to say “Hello” to her mommy and daddy so this is how we did it:

 Okay, I know that she does not look very happy but she was very HAPPY after the photo session....I gave her THREE treats for doing such a great job!
The sweet, precious princess is now patiently awaiting for her "carriage" to arrive and take her home...


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