Monday, January 31, 2011


So, PD has requested a "baby wreath" to place on the front door when baby Hudson arrives.  So I immediately search the wonderful world of and found the cutest wreath ever and of course it is no longer available (emailed and begged).  So I think to myself...Gigi... you can create this wreath (HA!).  So my journey begins.  Off to Hobby Lobby in Gastonia, N. C. to buy supplies: wire wreath, various assortment of ribbon and some good sharp scissors!

As I gather the items, with a little help from my friend (who happens to be male) I explain the concept to him and he offers to help me select the ribbon.  I have to give him many men would do this?  So guess what his first selection of ribbon was....camouflage. 

After telling my friend the color palette this is the ribbon he selected:

One thing you should know about my friend is that he is color blind... so...color palette… YES… still a little on the camouflage side but I think he did an outstanding job!

So I  purchase all of the "chosen" (lots of thought was involved)  ribbon. I return home to start my new "craft project".  

So here is his "chosen" ribbon entwined with all the other "chosen" ribbon...

I not quite sure how this is going to look but this is where I am at today... this speed it will take me from now until May to get this thing completed.  As you see I have no idea what I am doing..I am adding ribbon here..and there...and here...and there.  I should have just cut the ribbon, attached the ribbon around each circle and been done....not me...gotta do it the hard way.

This is one of my projects that I have or will be working on for my "little man" and this Gigi is so, so EXCITED!!!   


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